Quieter living along the E40 and E411 in Wezembeek-Oppem and St-Jesus-Eik

At the beginning of June, we installed 18,697 m² of sound-absorbing walls in the Brussels region to limit noise nuisance from the motorway for local residents.
A color shade was specifically chosen that makes the walls blend in with the surrounding nature, making it feel as if they have always been there. Do you pass Wezembeek-Oppem via the E40 and St-Jesus-Eik Via the E411? There is a good chance that our walls will catch your eye. Or just not…

Thanks to our customers and partners:
Main contractor: BAM Contractors
Transport : TDL GROUP (Wezembeek-Oppem) and H.Essers (St-Jesus-Eik)

KRC Genk opts for sustainable stormwater management

From now on, only top matches will be played at KRC Genk! Thanks to the installation of 20 rainwater tanks of 20,000 liters with a cover plate that can be driven on, no less than 400,000 liters of rainwater can be collected. Thanks to Transport Noblesse for the transport and the photos.


Happy Birthday, Jill!
We surprised commercial director Jill with a dinner for her birthday in the ‘Theatercafe Hasselt. A 10 for atmosphere and fun, as you can see! Now the last stretch towards the well-deserved construction leave.

Double party

Just before the construction holiday, we organized a pleasant staff party in Nieuwenhoven Castle in Sint-Truiden. 🌝
Thanks to Atelier V for the excellent catering and service and DJ Vinylah for the feel good music on jet black vinyl records. Colleagues Lisa and Véronique took on the festive decoration of the location with great enthusiasm.
The party was also the ideal opportunity to honor 4 loyal employees for their 25 years of service at ecobeton water technologies. Glad you’re on my team!

When taste and design meet

In May we delivered this beautiful ashtray in Corten steel to the culinary restaurant Spaans Dak in Leuven. See how harmoniously the greenery and the ashtray go together. The restaurant is also an absolute must if you want to pamper your taste buds in a green environment.

Since 2011, it is mandatory to have the sewerage installation and water installation inspected in new buildings. In addition, it is now also mandatory to have the installation of the second-circuit water, the rainwater installation with reuse and the non-connected indoor installation inspected. For example when installing a water softener, fire extinguishing system, swimming pool with heating, …
All our rainwater packages are in accordance with current standards, so that no party from the client to the end user experiences any problems with the inspection.

Operation Clean Sweep

‘May plastic-free’ was the ideal moment for us to look back at a special project in 2020: helping to make the Port of Antwerp plastic-free.
One year later, we are still just as proud that ecobeton water technologies is supporting ‘Operation Clean Sweep’. An international program protecting the seas from plastic waste contained in rainwater runoff #zeropelletloss
More info from 2 “12 in the beautiful film by Kanaal Z.

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