Throughout our history, which dates back to 1910, we have evolved from a craft fabricator, to an industrial manufacturer, and finally to an integral service provider. Get unburdened with our true “six-pack” of services:

1. Regional depots

In addition to our headquarters and production in Sint-Truiden, we have offices in Liège and regional depots in Ciney and Kortrijk.

2. Internal and external training:

Through our Ecozone we are available 24 hours a day for our customers, prescribers and clients;

During our “Lunch & Learn” sessions, we introduce designers and clients to our living world of climate adaptive solutions

With our eco academies we like to keep our (future) customers up to date with current legislation and our latest product solutions.

3. Tailored sizing & technical advice:

Technical advice tailored to your project, to drawing up detailed plans for complete water management;

Assistance with the approval of your implementation plan by sewer managers and other government bodies;

4. Logistical support:

Providing logistics services up to placement in the pre-prepared pit;

In addition, we provide a permanent presence during construction leave for pickups, full loads and urgent interventions;

5. Maintenance service with VCA-certified technicians:

After-sales service, which through the deployment of our service technicians, is capable of proactive inspection and curative “comprehensive maintenance” of our total concepts, so that the TCO (total cost of ownership) is guaranteed, even after final delivery. We have a sufficient stock of spare parts for this.

6. Yard support:

Assistance at site meetings;

Commissioning on site of IBAs and WWTPs, pump pits, vortex oil lamellae grease, grit and powder separators;

Installation fun with PLUG & PLAY solutions that save you time and money

Do not hesitate to contact us with further questions and/or for further information at 011/70 28 65 or via ‘ ‘.