town & country planning - sound absorbing walls


Khufu type sound absorbing walls can be applied alongside roadways, railroads and industrial sites. Technical Characteristics The concrete wall, conforming to CE EN 14388, is corrosion and weather resistant, made of non-combustible material and consists of one or more elements. The elements have a load-bearing concrete structure on the back and an absorbent open-pore surface structure in lightweight concrete on the front. The elements must rest on a concrete plinth with a thickness to match the load-bearing concrete wall. Concrete quality: C 40/50 Environment class: EE4 Environmental class: XC4 - XF4

Cyria’s pursuit of quality has led to a real technical mastery of the materials used. After many experiments, we have selected the most optimal techniques to apply in the context of urban events.

  • Corten steel , with its unique aesthetic appearance thanks to a natural oxidation.
  • Stainless steel , robust and perpetual, in satin or mirror-gloss finish.
  • Powder coated steel , in RAL colors or special Cyria finish for a more personalized look.
  • High-quality woods from sustainably managed forests, a noble and warm material that evolves over the years.

We would like to present our universes: (I would work here like on the CYRIA website itself with the same buttons per universe and then the photos and per product group: for example all flower boxes together, all benches)


We are happy to introduce our universes:


Robust but with gentle curves, Migration proclaims its individuality with a reassuring invitation to travel.


With its pure, minimalist and unexpected lines, Pysa provides an elegant touch as a contribution to its clear own style.


With its authentic and natural design, Monsieur tells a sensible and refined story that fits perfectly in a sustainable environment.


BW#’s contemporary yet sober and evolutionary lines pay tribute to life itself. A very special experience: constantly in motion, playful and surprising.


Carried by clean and pure lines and with a minimalist touch, Eudald adopts a sober stance to leave room for free expression.


The individuality of Absolut lies in the great regularity and a tender hardness, emphasized by its broken lines.


With its sophisticated lines and its airy volumes, Elinium draws a universe of elegance, a typical example of Cyria’s design style.


Armed with organic curves, Green Palacio pays tribute to life and nature, as an example of indomitable vitality.