domestic waste water


Some buildings are too far away to provide a connection via the sewerage system. In the future, no sewerage will be installed in the street at those locations.
These buildings are included in the zoning plan in the rural area to be optimized individually. The owner of the building then has the obligation to treat the waste water itself (with or without the support of the local sewerage manager).
If it is nevertheless possible to connect to the sewerage system, the municipality can impose that the wastewater first be connected to a pre-settler or septic tank.
In any case, the industrial kitchen must always be connected to a grease trap before the wastewater can be discharged to the IBA, small water treatment plant or sewer. One of our following solutions can be used for these purification applications:
- Individual treatment installation for waste water: intensive and extensive systems with BENOR and VLAMINOR quality mark for 2 to 20 people;
- Small water treatment plants for 21 to 2000 persons;
- Grease separators, precipitators and septic tanks;
- Bridging differences in height with the help of pump wells that are custom designed for the customer and the location and delivered PLUG&PLAY;
- Micro- and ultrafiltration after which in combination with UV treatment the wastewater can be reused after purification;
- Telemetry and error message system for monitoring remote installations

Some products in the spotlight


Our small water treatment plants are suitable for the treatment of domestic waste water with a daily load of more than 20 to 1,000 IU. The operation of these installations can be divided into different purification steps