Measuring & control systems


Electromagnetic flow measurement is a closed system for the determination of flow in wastewater streams.

Success needs preparation

  • professional guidance from design to commissioning
  • design by means of an easy to fill in dimensioning form
  • delivery “plug & play” on site, with unique features, adapted to local requirements
  • the contractor’s task is limited to the core business, no risk of unforeseen additional work
  • smart disassembly features for easy maintenance
  • compact custom solution
  • in accordance with current legislation
  • attention to specific placement issues, cable extensions and extensions of risers

Electromagnetic flow meters are precision measuring instruments built into self-compacting concrete tubs. This device is suitable for determining the flow rate of virtually any electrically conductive liquid, as well as substances such as sludge; pulp and paste.

Due to the magnetic field, the device can be used to measure flow rates up to 10 m/s and a minimum conductivity of 3 µS/cm, when using a synchronized static field. The entire measuring device consists of a flow sensor and a special transmitter.

The watertight connections, inlets and outlets as well as other feed-throughs are directly molded into the production process. As a result, watertightness is guaranteed. The raw materials used are BENOR approved.

  • Reliable measurement with constant accuracy with an inlet length of 0 x DN and no pressure loss
  • Flexible technology – sensor with fixed or lap-joint process connections
  • Suitability for application – corrosion protection according to EN ISO12944 for underground or submerged installations
  • Improved plant availability – sensor meets specific industry requirements
  • Safe operation – no need to open the instrument
  • Time-saving local operation without additional software and hardware – integrated web server
  • Integrated verification and growth detection – Heartbeat Technology