Physicochemical treatment and process water

Physicochemical purification

When oils, heavy metals, phosphates, toxic elements such as hexavalent chromium or cyanides, are present in the wastewater, a physicochemical removal of these polluting components from the wastewater constitutes a necessary preliminary treatment step for the proper functioning of a biological treatment plant.

Depending on the intended effluent quality to be achieved, ecobeton water technologies selects the appropriate coagulation, flocculation, detoxification and or filtration technique.

Process Water

Depending on the intended water quality, large rooftops can be a real source for an alternative circuit.

For example, we are working on projects to minimize the use of mains water in processes and even to reduce it to almost zero by using rainwater and the reuse of process water by using e.g. micro and ultrafiltration installations.

Customization, sizing and incorporation into existing infrastructure is made possible by our team of engineers in the fields of hydraulics, mechanical engineering and electromechanics