Venturi Measuring Gutter

Venturi measuring chute
type VENT T up to 180 m³/hour or VENT PAR up to 20 m³/hour

The venturi – measuring ducts in concrete are open ducts with a rectangular or parabolic cross section in which a constriction (throat) is provided according to standardized dimensions, in accordance with Vlarem 2 art.

The venturi measuring chute is made of smooth concrete, concrete quality C35/45.

The measurement chute consists of:

  • a base plate
  • a basic shaft with 2 cast-in PVC sleeves (tongue and groove connection)
  • a venturi channel
  • a lateral measuring well
  • adjustment feet and adjustment bolts

Working Principle

By measuring the water level, the flow rate can be determined via calculation.

Measurement chutes in concrete consist of a channel in which a control section is installed. It is formed by a local constriction called the throat of the measurement trough. The cross section of this throat is usually rectangular, but can also be applied parabolically. Since there is no impoundment downstream of the throat, the critical water level is reached in the control section. At this point, a flow rate and a water level are created. Assuming that load losses are negligible between the control section and a measurement section just before the throat, there is also a unique relationship between the water level in the measurement section and the flow rate through the channel. Upstream from the throat, the current is much calmer and it is easier and more reliable to measure the water level.

There must be a sufficient difference in height between the outlet of the measuring chute and the sewer so that no backwash can occur This could result in water remaining in the measuring chute and the venturi would not be empty at zero flow.

The entire flume must be accessible at all times for taking samples and/or measurements. If you opt to use cast iron lids, accessibility can become problematic.

The assembly of the whole should be done by your care at the yard.

Are also available:

  • Elevation pieces
  • Cover plate concrete with galvanized slatted floor with cast-in galva L-profile ( 6 )
  • Cover plate concrete with one cast iron cover 125kN or 250kN
  • Cover plate concrete with two cast iron lids 125kN or 250kN
  • 3 – part checker plate cover with molded-in galva L-profile