rainwater management


The importance of stormwater management is constantly increasing due to the changing climate conditions. Heavy rainfall in shorter and longer periods of drought make it increasingly difficult for groundwater to be replenished. The water no longer has enough time to penetrate the soil. This is causing more periods of water scarcity on the one hand and flooding on the other.

We have focused on well thought-out, ecological and economical solutions that can be easily integrated into an existing environment and that encompass the full cycle that rainwater goes through:
- Separating rainwater and wastewater;
- Collecting rainwater via line drainage;
- Purifying stormwater runoff using filters, sludge traps, vortex separators, coalescence and lamella separators;
- The use of grain separators for separating rainwater runoff and a fraction of plastic particles;
- Further decentralized treatment of the rainwater so that it is suitable for reuse and can thus be used in the household, agriculture and/or industry;
- Infiltration of rainwater with cleanable and regenerable facilities so that groundwater is recharged;
- Buffering and controlled and inhibited return of water to nature where the flow rate can vary between 5 and 20 L/s/ha;
- Bridging differences in height with the help of pump wells that are custom designed for the customer and the location and delivered PLUG&PLAY;
- Measurement and control systems that enable the customer to monitor the determining parameters